Saturday, January 19, 2008

About my toes

Hello readers, this is Stoney, Mosby's brother. I'm not nearly as Rubensesque as he is, but I'm still a big guy.

I'm not here to talk about me, per se, but to talk about a certain change in municipal policy I heard about. As you know, Mosby and I are declawed. This means that, early in our feline careers, a veterinarian put us under, sliced open our pads, removed the nailbed and first knuckle bone (they're attached), and sewed us back up. We had no say in the matter. None.

Most rescue groups (including the one we were adopted from) abhor this procedure and make you sign a contract saying you won't do it to any cat you adopt from them. Many municipal shelters have the same policy. Well, it seems that Frederick County, MD, may be changing their policy to allow potential adopters to declaw the cats and kittens they adopt from the shelter operated by Frederick County Animal Control.

There are plenty of articles out there that describe the horrors of declawing. I know Mosby's talked about them. I won't dwell on them here. Instead I'll ask you to take a moment and vote "Pro Paw." Save the next generation of cats and kittens from the pain and humiliation of declawing. Visit this petition: Add your voice. If you live in Frederick County, call your county supervisor. Better yet, call the shelter and tell them you are opposed to declawing and ask that they keep the current wording of their contract.

Thank you!

ps: The little vermin next to me is Beyonce the rat. We've come to an understanding: I won't eat her if she'll just leave me alone. We're working on it.

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