Monday, December 31, 2007

What the heck can I eat?!

So, Ketut asked what I eat. I started to reply to her very kind words to the last post. It seemed more appropriate here, because I'll have more room to, well, spread out.

Way back in 2005, I fell head over tail for a weight management food, which is high carb, as we know now. Maybe it's because I was depressed (my brother and I had just been abandoned). Maybe it's because we had to live with new cats (four of them!!!). Maybe it's because it was so darned tasty. Whatever the reason, I was hooked. It's sad, now that I think about it. I got up in the morning, ready at the bowl. The girls filled it, never knowing they were feeding the monkey that climbed on my back.

Fast forward to 2007. In two years, I gained more than 10 pounds! They tried moving the bowl up higher, I just learned to climb up onto the table.

But you know all of this (or you'll scroll back to the beginning of this blog and catch up).

Now I'm on "kitty atkins." I eat roughly three ounces of high-fat, high-protein moist food originally developed for diabetic cats. We all eat moist food three times a day. In the morning, Jess mixes in about a 1/4 tsp of fiber with my food because I'm a little, erm, bound up. Everyone else gets all-day access to a high-protein kibble called Innova Evo. At night, Marlene will give me a 1/4 cup of the kibble in my own little bowl. The monkey isn't happy. The monkey wants a bigger bowl.

Sometimes I'll stand next to my small bowl and stare up to the counter where I know, I just know, the big bowl of kibble is sitting. I look at Jess, then at the empty bowl, then back at the counter. If that doesn't work, I'll put my paw in the empty bowl. "Please, sir, can I have some more?" I'm not proud of it, but it works. One of them will cave and give me a little handful. (Jess says it's a "happy handful." I'm not sure what she means, but it makes me happy.)

That's what I eat. Or what they give me to eat. If I had thumbs...


surferbrat said...

Hi Mosby, This is Bull. I live with Surferbrat, who is Bonnie's sister. I'm a big fat cat too! I weighed in at 20.5 lbs not too long ago. I'm black and white so I look liek a little cow. I'm obsessed with food. I'll eat just about anything. I wait by the table or run into the kitchen whenever anyone is in there preparing food. I try to wait patiently but I usually can't help myself, so sometimes I'll even try to reach into the pot when Brat leaves the room. Mostly I love my mealtime--the dry and wet food Brat feeds me. Anyways, she switched up my diet after the vet told her I was obese and it was contributing to my kidney infections. I now eat a grain free diet (Wellness or Instinct dry and wet food)and I've lost 3 lbs! No carbs and the meat is somewhat lean too. I'm still completely overwhelmed by how much I think about food, but this stuff is damn tasty. Brat loves how soft and squishy I am while I'm fat and can't stand forking over the extra cash for this fancy food, but she does think I'm feeling more energetic and the kidney infections (peeing all over the house) completely gone away in the past three months! Anyways, I love this blog and I love sharing my problems with other evereating cats, so I'll be sure to check in from time to time. May the force be with you in your weight loss Mosby!

Mosby said...

Mazel tov, Bull! It ain't easy, is it. One of these days I should tell you guys about the Great Raw Food Experiment.