Saturday, December 15, 2007

Someone call Kirstie Alley!!!

Faithful fans, friends, family, just call me Fatboy Slim!

Jess and Marlene hauled me down to the vet and got me on the scale. Jess thought I'd be happier if she carried me rather than put me in the carrier. I think she was mistaken, but that's neither here nor there. I think she just wanted to show off her yoga muscles. She put me in that damned harness which kept me from bolting up the stairs (yes, even one of my girth can bolt when properly motivated. See the dog incident from a few months ago).

Sorry, I know you're waiting for the magic number but I have to lead up to these things.

So she carries me out the car, while Marlene carries Doonesbury in a carrier. He's also due for a weigh-in, but he's trying to put weight on. He's 16, hyperthyroid, and has a dodgy tummy or something. They've been squirting steroids down his throat for a month. Jess carries me down the block, trailing "yes it's a cat, a big fat cat" comments in her wake, and into the vet's waiting room. Thank Bast there were no dogs waiting there! They brought me back to the scale and plunked me down and...'s killing you, isn't it!

29.7 pounds!!!

::the crowd goes wild::

Thank you! Thank you!

I have so far to go, but I'm really proud of my progress. My belly measured 28 inches this morning. I can't remember what it was before, but I hope it's smaller. They tested my pee again and I'm still healthy. The vet says I can only have 1/8 cup of kibble from now on and she wants me to get on a treadmill. I kid you not. Marlene says she'll walk with me. Jess says "good luck with that!"

Thank you, again, for your love and support!


ps: Doonesbury gained almost 2 pounds in a month!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Jess - uh, YOU worked hard to lose that weight! My goodness, has it been a year since I saw you in person? I'm sure I'd hardly recognize you.

But, a treadmill? A treadmill? What in the world is that vet thinking? UTube would want film on that. Dang, I just showed my age with that 'film' line.


Mosby said...

Thanks, Fern! Two whole pounds, can ya believe it?!

Alannakitty said...


*rubs the tummy* Soon you will no longer be a Buddha kitty!

~ Catherine
and the kitties... Willow and Raven

Ketut said...

Hi Mosby, this is Ketut, a new fan of yours who lives with Bonnie. I am a Maine Coon but very small for my breed. And I am now totally addicted to your blog. I've read every entry and am considering asking her if she will set up a blog for me, but I know she's kind of busy with that stupid Ethicurean site she's always talking about. So what do you eat anyway? I've never had a problem with my weight, but I have these pesky allergies (to fleas, to flea treatment, and now to something she can't figure out). So she's had me on the Wellness grain-free kibble which I like just fine, and she feeds me raw scraps of all the fancy yuppie meat she eats. I sure do love the pastured pork and grass-fed beef, but that wild salmon doesn't do it for me. And yet, still I have allergies. Which means I get bathed. Eek, I hate that just like you.

Mosby said...

Hi Ketut! Pleased to meetcha! Tell Bonnie that Jess just loves the Ethicurian, too!

I eat Purina DM moist food, primarily. It's high fat, high protein food, meant for diabetic kitties (which I'm not, thank Bast). I get three 1-oz servings a day, with a 1/4 tsp of fiber mixed in with the morning portion.

You know what, this might be a more detailed reply than I thought. Perhaps it should be its own blog entry! More later...