Sunday, October 28, 2007


Mosby, a grey and white cat, sitting on the floor tiles.
Oh, so much to tell you people. The girls keep adding new things to my world. I sleep through most of it. So long as they don't change my food, I'll survive.

They changed the kitchen. They put down a new floor (something called Marmoleum). I helped out where I could, of course, holding the tools and telling where the white tiles should go. It really came out quite lovely. Jess says their friend Tim did all the work, but I get credit for providing the screwdriver.Mosby holds the screwdriver He also suggested the paint color and helped paint the walls. Truth to tell: If Tim hadn't helped, those boxes would still be sitting in the corner of the kitchen, blocking my view of the food.

The girls also brought home a new housemate. Meet Beyonce, the Rat. Beyonce was purchased by National Geographic for a documentary about cobras. Black and white ratShe was supposed to be a cobra's dinner, but he never took her up on it (not even after 2 days in the cage!). Maybe he's kosher. Whatever the reason, I have suppressed my instinctive desire to squash the little thing. It's not easy. She's pushy! She insists on climbing on me and grooming my tail. What is the world coming to, people? What's that line from Thornton Wilder? "The whole world is a sixes and sevens!"

Just about everything else is changing but me. I don't think I've lost any weight, but then I'm afraid to look. Now that it's cooled off, Jess says we're going for walks again. yipee freakin' skipee.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, if you try to squash the rat, Jess may accept that as exercise and not take you for walks...

I have to admit I'm surprised that Jess and Marlene have allowed a rat in the new place, after that National Geographic documented previous incident. Perhaps the difference is that this time the fauna came in through a door, not a toilet.


Anonymous said...

Have you stepped on a scale yet? Perhaps one of the girls could put it right by a bowl of kibble for you, and you wouldn't even notice being weighed....