Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweet Mother, not again!

I'm finally getting to the point that I can clean more than my arms and chest. I haven't quite gotten to my crotch yet, but I'm getting closer. It's not comfortable or easy, but I can sit up, lean forward, and clean my back legs almost to my hips! I must look like a furry gumdrop left in the sun or something.

But this morning, I, erm, well, I got a little wet in the litterbox. OK, a lot wet. Jess was not happy when I climbed into her lap like that! Suddenly, I found myself back in the big, wet box, covered in baby shampoo! Jess was mercifully quick this time, but thorough. She laid me back across her chest and dried off my big Buddha belly. It wasn't comfortable, but she's so cute when she does things like that. I let her towel me off for a minute before wriggling free.

Thankfully, it's 60 degrees and sunny here in DC so I can just lounge in the sun and dry off. Lordy, I can't wait until I can actually clean all these spots on my own!


Anonymous said...

Mosby, I've got a question that is TOTALLY off topic.

You live in a large household of cats, and y'all all seem to get along reasonably well. We only have two cats in our household, a mother and son team. Usually they get along fine. But every now and then ... they don't.

It seems to me that it's usually cued by Bradley (the son) seeing a big orange kittie outside. Bradley not being the brightest of cats, then sees his calico mother and get bushy tailed, yowls, and goes after her. Brianna is NOT amused by this. She is also smaller than Bradley, and has not yet taken my advice to make it clear to him that she brought him into this world, and if needed she will take him OUT, too.

Any advise?

Big Orange (who I call Orange, Pumpkin, Morris, etc, depending on my mood) is a very human friendly kittie, and quite the hunter. I assume it is he who leaves the well-licked mice and headless birds in our yard.

Thanks! Fern

Mosby said...

Hi Fern -

I can totally understand Big Orange's issue as I, myself, have experienced this. We have three alley cats that the Girls feed on the porch. They are not allowed in, I am not allowed out (without the damned harness). So as they munch away, I sit in the door and glare at them. I am merely making it clear that this is my house and they had better not screw with it! Would you believe they completely ignore me?? Since they won't respond, I go and bully MammaCat or Gretchen. They growl and hiss and run away. It's great fun until Jess or Marlene yell at me she shoo me away. I guess I just need that feedback to know I've gotten my dominating point across to someone!

My advice? Unless Pumpkin starts expressing his dominance in other, more liquid ways, or unless he really hurts Brianna, let him express his dominance to whoever will give him the feedback he needs. Then show him that you're really the one in charge and shoo him away. It seems to work with me!