Thursday, June 14, 2007

I did promise, didn't I

Jess held me to my promise. On a cool June evening, she trussed me up and took my picture. I am not happy about this, people. Look at me. And the lead is pink, fercryinoutloud!

I'm a cat, and a declawed one at that. What makes her think I want to "explore" the alley. That's what she keeps saying: "C'mon, Mosby, don't you want to explore?" No, I want to sit on my fat ass and watch Oprah.

So she picked me up and carried me out into the alley. As soon as she put me down, I bolted back in. As far in as that hell-pink tether would let me.

Jess seems to think that if she can get my brother Stoney to go, I'll be more confident or something. You know what, Stoney's a great guy, but he's the active, outdoorsey type. You know, the guy who's always inviting you to go kayaking or rock climbing or antiquing (if he could a) drive, b) talk, and c) go out without human supervision). He's all about this "going for a walk" thing. He even likes the alley cats.

Well, once Jess carried me out for the second time, I took the opportunity to eat some grass, walk about 15 feet, and pee in a wildly inappropriate place. Stoney chatted up the black cat for a while, rolled in the gravel, then took in the sun. I was more than ready to go in after about 15 minutes, so I headed back to the gate.

I will give Jess credit for trying. Each trip out like this lasts a little longer. I did check out more of the grassy area by the Reverend's car, so I guess I accomplished something.

I'll also give Jess that she takes the harness off before she lets me back in the house. I just don't think I could take the other cats seeing me like this.


Anonymous said...

Jess, I so enjoy reading about Mosby. You really should consider writing professionally, you would surely be a huge success. Now, back to Mosby....Mosby, you are looking fab! Don't let the pink harness and leash keep you from getting some exercise, though I have to say that sitting on "my fat ass" and watching TV happens to be one of my very favorite pass-times!

Keep up the good work, your pet parent Jess is the best! Love the pics, you and Stoney are such a handsome pair!


Stan said...
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Anonymous said...

Pudd E. Cat here....Go for it Mosby. I don't get to go out, except sometimes on the porch when my "brother" is locked upstairs.

Stan said...

Mosby, welcome to the blogosphere!
So, do you have a set of goals (like a weigh-loss plan or something)? Also, a suggestion - put a little banner on top of each post, "Today is Friday, June 15th. My weight is X lbs".
Good luck!

Fern said...

Mosby, consider this: Jess or one of her friends might buy you a spandex exercise outfit. Now THAT would be horrifying!