Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just how big is an inch?

Jess came at me with a tape measure the other day. I didn't know what she was up to, she just threw it around my belly. Naturally, I moved away, stepping over the tape like it was the finish line and I was the last runner.

"No, Mosby, come here, I need to measure your waist!"

What for? New pants? Come on, who needs to know.

"Mosby, sit still! I'm sure you're thinner! Let me prove it!"

I stepped over the tape, once again, refusing to look, refusing to acknowledge my girth.

"Mosby, so help me... Good boy!"

She tightened the tape. She did it again. She measured a third time. Lord, woman, don't keep a cat in suspense like this!

"Mosby! Oh, Mosby! You lost an whole inch off your waist! You're waist is only 26 inches!"

Then she gave me crunchies. Which I ate as though they were the last ones on the planet.

So, congratulate me, kids! I'm down an inch!


Helen said...

Congratulations Mosby! You can do it furry guy, just keep going....Have your tried getting out more, catching some mice or something?

Heather said...

One of our cats is so fat that he's started developing arthritis in his knees. :(